Who we are

Since 2014, the Membrane Lipids Code Crackers Society has assembled worldwide scientists with solid backgrounds in microbiology and lipid decoding to further develop the fields of lipidomics and bioenergetics. In 2018, our founder Prof. Raymond C. Valentine decided to turn this joint venture between friendship and daily scientific brainstorm into a biotechnology company called Biological Semiconductor Technologies, Inc. BST has developed a specialized technology for decoding structures and bioactivities of essential biopolymers/biological semiconductorsand. We aim to share these new developments and their applications in global ecology, agriculture and health care.


Founder - Raymond C. Valentine, Ph.D.

Ray is an emeritus professor at the University of California Davis. He was the scientific founder of Calgene Inc. (Davis, California), now a campus of Monsanto Inc. His scientific interests involve the use of reductionism to address problems of fundamental scientific and societal importance, such as agricultural productivity and aging. Some of his scientific accomplishments include the discovery of ferredoxin, the identification and naming of the nitrogen fixation (nif) genes, and the development of Roundup®- resistance in crops. He holds B.S. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign.

Research Scientist - Marina T. Botana, MSc.

Marina holds B.S. and MSc. degrees in Oceanography from the University of São Paulo. During her B.S. she has participated in research projects and internships studying phytoplankton and coral reef ecology in cooperation with different institutions worldwide, such as the University of Miami, University of Rhode Island and University of Tasmania. Her research interests have always have always been interdisciplinary, from marine conservation to biochemistry and cell biology. She started to work with Prof. Valentine during her Masters, investigating microalgae metabolites of biotechnological interest. Her Master thesis focused on the impacts of global warming in the lipid ecology of coral reef symbionts.

Doctor George Fareed, M.D.

George pursued medical studies, research and teaching at Harvard and UCLA in the first twenty years of his career after graduating with honors from Harvard Medical School in 1970. He returned to clinical medicine in 1991 when he came to the Imperial Valley to establish a general medical practice in Brawley, CA. He is on the front-line for treating COVID-19 patients and has developed a medical strategy based on the use of an antiviral cocktail at the early state of the disease to prevent patients hospitalization. His current activities also include adult medical clinics in Brawley and El Centro, wound care and hyperbaric oxygen treatment at Pioneers Memorial Wound Center, HIV clinics in Brawley and Calexico, yearly high school football team physician duties throughout the Imperial Valley, and hospitalist work with Inpatient Care of Southern California for Pioneers Memorial Hospital in Brawley.