About BST

BST is a start-up biotechnology company founded in 2018 based in California. BST has developed a specialized technology for decoding structures and bioactivities of essential biopolymers, especially omega-3 fatty acids, including DHA (docosahexaenoic acid, C22:6). DHA plays essential roles in vision, fertility, olfaction, bioenergetics and ocean productivity. It is a precursor for vital hormones, neural electrical biochemistry and neural signal transduction. DHA is also an essential membrane building block for synthesis of specialized lipid trafficking vesicles, such as synaptic vesicles. See Membrane Lipid Code Crackers Society for background.

This site will continue to highlight BST activities and publications. Our purpose is to share with the public breaking news of recent progress in decoding structure/function of biological semiconductors. Interestingly, biological semiconductors, such as melanin, are known to functionally replace conventional synthetic semiconductor computer chips and microelectronic devices. This hybrid model was first developed by Dr. Marco Rolandi’s group. Dr. Marco Rolandi is a pioneer in applying principles of biological semiconductors for improving microelectronic devices. He is chair of the electrical engineering (EE) department of University of California, Santa Cruz. Let’s recall the year 1939, when two young undergraduate students from Stanford University, Hewlett and Packard, said to each other “Let's rent a garage and build a computer”. Voilà, the first Silicon Valley start-up appeared. Will biological semiconductors revolutionize biotechnology? Follow our breaking news on this website featuring principles, mechanisms and applications of biological semiconductors in global ecology, agriculture and health care.

Packard and Hewlett, CEO and president of HP in 1964